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Measuring and control instruments are essential in a wide range of applications where it is important to ensure adequate flow rates of liquids and gases in pipeline systems. Aliaxis offers efficient and accurate instrumentation and gauges. All these solutions are resistant to aggressive substances or weather conditions.

We have selected our range for different piping systems: pressurised piping used for water transport, domestic and industrial, water and waste treatment, irrigation, sports facilities, swimming pools or spas.

A wide range of technically advanced flow control equipment offers solutions for liquid and gas flow control and analytical measurements. Flow control is the guarantee of efficient operation of pumping systems. It allows you to prevent the pump from running dry when pumping with closed valves or at minimum flow.

We supply systems with monitors, displays and transmitters so that measurements can be taken remotely. We also offer user manuals specifically designed to simplify the installation process.

The Aliaxis product range includes:

● Flow sensors

● pH and oxidation-reduction potential indicators

● Fill level controllers

● Pressure Indicators

● Induction sensors

● Signal Monitors and Tansmiters

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Meeting our customers' needs goes far beyond providing products and systems. We offer full solutions and comprehensive services with technical support that enable our customers to keep costs low, reduce installation time and optimise long-term system performance.